Switch (Short Film Festival)

MINT proudly presents the second edition of the Switch Short Film Festival.
Out of a staggering amount of entries, we carefully selected 37 movies which will range over a wide variety of genres. Prepare to get inspired on this evening where we will show raw talent from all over the world!

Just like last year, Switch will be hosted at Roodkapje Rotterdam on January 26 from 19:00!
Bonus: we will have two spaces filled with movies - so there's enough room for everyone. Don't forget to bring your own pillow!

Participating artists:
Marnix Sixma, Manouk Moreau, Kim Schonewille, Vince Talbot, Reynaert Vosveld, Elif Ozbay, Riane Pater, José Andrés Aguayo Herrera, Rossella Nisio, Valentina Shasivari, Carlijn Olde Beverborg, Willem de Haan, Nabeel Muhammad Khan, Lucy Cordes Engelman, Łukasz Horbów, Wednesday Kim, Jonathan Kelham, Bernardo Zanotta, Mrinalini Singha, Mischa Lind, Vera Mennens, Jack Thomosn, Annelies Kamen, Nikos Kostopoulos, Rebecca Slee & Yeltsiny Stroop, Philemon Mukarno, Kristyna Markovicova, Etto Bubu, Ciska Meister, Wynona Bakker, Rient van de Crommert, Thomas Galvan, Reinilde Jonkhout, Ryan Cherewaty, Myrte van der Molen, Malgorzata Kozlowska, Laura Elcere, Mar Sudac and YesPinkPink & Jutu

MINT Collective