MINT. A collective of creative people with a bright vision in art and it’s exposure towards you.

How far can art go? Further than ever, and we are here to capture it for you.
Young art students are peaking at new and higher levels, but visibility can only be achieved by exposure. This is why the MINT Collective was born. We are striving to give young talented artists the exposure they deserve.

Are you ready to witness their art in its full glory? Then this is the place to be!

''MINT'' Presents– colorful paintings, abstract illustrations, fluid and geometric installations, movies which will invite you to different realities and performers who will surprise with every detail.

Jelmer Konjo - Painting
Jelte Reinders - Painting
Ernests Austrins -Painting
Filmily Fraidaki - Drawing
Stone Ying Shi - Prints
Josh Burgess - Painting

Rik van der Neut - Audio/visual installation
Lizzie Abbott - Sculpture
Savic E. Scharp - Sculpture
Keren Akar - Instalation
Teo Sandigliano - Sculpture
Gloria August - Instalation
Koen Haesen - Instalation
Fenna de Vries - Instalation
Annemiek Hocker - Instalation
Melissa Cola - Instalation
Funda Baysal Roggeveen - Sculpture
David Danoss & Hugo Meijer - Video instalation

Akat Hisia - Performance
Anne Pink - Performance
Emma de Bruin - Dance
Layza Payza - Acro & juggling
Erin Burley - Contorsion & handstand
Ralph Öllinger - Ball juggling & physical theatre
Sonia Barreiro - Performance

Iiris Sointu - We Are A Vessel
Johanna Rausseau - Disordre
Laura - Weave in motion
Thijs Meindertsma - Bad trip in the woods
Margot Merandon - Felix and the monster of the deep
Kaspar Werther - Firefly
Madien - The machine
Josien Kamp - The man that doesn’t understand the world
Noa Silver & Max Kowalski - The persuit of jelly
Soeria van den Wijngaard - Micro
Jänis Dzirnieks - I’m still thinking about the title
Markela Kontaratou
-The death of strawberry fudge
Max Kowalksi - Endless spring
Brian Groenhorst

Davids Danoss & Hugo Meijer

WORM / The Performance Bar / Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam

July 1 (5 euro)
July 2 (2.50 euro)

20:00 -02:00

MINT is given to you and it’s here to stay.

MINT Collective